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Run Takoma! Run! Or rather swim!

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Run Takoma! Run! Or rather swim! - American military dolphin goes AWOL. They really are smart.

Staying Alive


Staying Alive - An interesting little thought experiment game in which you try to make choices that will keep your self alive. (It's really about the question of what is self.)

What ever happened to Casey?


What ever happened to Casey? - I love, respect, and admire Mr. Dress-up, and yes, this gag has been done by others, but this script made me laugh a couple of times.

Carl Ridd


Carl Ridd
Carl Ridd - Carl Ridd died today. I knew Carl as an amazing Religious Studies prof at the U of W, and a generally cool guy who was passionate about justice issues. He was also a Hall of Fame basketball player. Prof. Ridd had been sick in hospital for some time.
(Click on his name to see his Hall of Fame bio.)

If you're planning on winning an Oscar


If you're planning on winning an Oscar - Michael Moore's advice for anyone planning on winning an Academy Award - don't go to church! It seems that church gets you thinking about the wrongness of killing and stuff like that, and the next thing you know you're being booed on national television.



quizilla - wow! you can make quizzes and take quizzes and manage quizzes. a real one stop quizz shop, i think it's fun... and eerily accurate.
You are crazy weird art.
Bright and colorful

What kind of art are you?
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your ideal mate is Legolas!

Who is your Ideal Lord of the Rings (male) Mate?
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iraqometer - updated every 15 minutes. i don't think i like it, except that in the "about iraqometer" section, it has the following facts:

Percentage of Americans who currently support this war: 72%
Percentage of Americans who believe Iraq attacked the World Trade Center: 51%
Percentage of Americans who cannot locate Iraq on a world map: 65%

i'd like to see a huge collection of "percentage of americans who..." figures, i like them.

It's like 10 thousand spoons


It's like 10 thousand spoons - This web site is supposed to allow you to send faxes from the web. Perfect for people who don't have a fax machine, right?

TMBG Dial-A-Song


TMBG Dial-A-Song - Unpredictable but always quirky. A random tune by They Might Be Giants.

Salisbury House introduces Veggie Nip - The legendary Winnipeg institution now has a veggie burger. Apparently, it is a standard Money's burger, a little dry, and almost certainly cooked on the same grill as the meat. But if you don't mind that kind of thing, you do get a whole wheat bun, colourful coleslaw and endless fries. Scroll down to factoid 82 to learn about the history of the Nip (and the Silex coffee system?!?).

peace cards


peace cards - send cards to protest the war in iraq. my favourite is "more candy, less war"

Ashton Kutcher and Tom Welling were Abercrombie models - At the same time, no less. (Stars of That 70's Show and Smallville, respectively.) OK, maybe it's only a big deal to me.

Yamaha paper crafts


Yamaha paper crafts - I wish more companies offered downloadable PDF patterns so you could build paper models of their products and also various animals. I'm not being sarcastic. (found via Stan Chin)

Wig in a Box


Wig in a Box - How did some slip of a girly boy from communist East Berlin become the internationally ignored song stylist barely standing before you? A Hedwig and the Angry Inch tribute CD is in the works and the line-up looks amazing. (found via Torrez)



Exactitudes - Apparently, no one is unique.

Viking Kittens video


Viking Kittens video - (Flash player required.) The kittens have released a new video called Gay Bar. Other videos still available.

Protest sign slogans


I enjoy a good protest sign. Here are a few from this weekend's war protest in NYC.

sitar power!


sitar power! - i didn't just go and see any old sitar player last night.. ashwin batish, or sitar power as his cap and sweatshirt said, has shared the stage with some of the worlds' finest artists such as Billy Bragg, C. J. Chenier, Cowboy Junkies, John Prine, Lyle Lovett, Big Brother & the Holding Company, Dissidenten, When in Rome, Violent Femmes, Lucky Dube. the rumour is that he electrified the sitar.

Double header


This little guy was in the basement of the veterinary medicine building. It's a little bit disturbing and a little bit cute, but not alive.

Triceradon or triceratops or maybe a rhino? - I really should have looked at the plaque. OK, I know it's not a rhino.

T Rex


T Rex - I was in Saskatoon most of this week sitting at a table in the U of S geology building with this guy a few feet away. It was like a caveman nightmare!

frodo has failed


New computer speech system


New computer speech system - from IBM. The demo is supposed to let you try it out 30 times, but I only got 3. Sounds pretty good, though.

thin ice!


thin ice! - warning dan - no more skating

christmas a few years ago...


i was looking for a photo tonight and found this.

Dice Box


Dice Box - I just came across this nifty comic. It reminds me of Doctor Who in a lot of ways.

Star Wars Screen Tests


Star Wars Screen Tests - This is a sound file of a SNL sketch from a few years back, in which Kevin Spacey portrays various famous actors trying out for parts in Star Wars. It also has a part two.

isn't this sweet?


Knitted robot


Knitted robot - (Still testing image uploads.) This is a present I made for my nephew for his first birthday. You know, so he's prepared for the inevitable Rise of the Machines.

Some Toronto subway station


(First test of photo upload feature. Sorta works.)

a tiny kitten....


a tiny kitten.... - awwwww!!!!!!! and a kitten bathing in a sink and a pretty ballerina dog

Same Difference


Same Difference - This is a serial comic that I've been enjoying for a while, and now the story has been completed! It's pretty good. Be sure to check out the other comics on the site.

are you a lesbian?


are you a lesbian? - i was wrong, i did have a link to post. i scored 130, "The lesbianity is strong in this one. You love the ladies. Either that or you just like cats and bad music." alanis rulz!
(via seethru)

andrea's website


andrea's website - self link! ha! i really want to put something here, and i don't have time to look for something good right now. so this is my school website, but it is interesting if you're decorating your home (all of the interesting materials supliers i've found are here) and when i find good creativity/inspiration sites, i put them in the creativity section.

Winnipeg Folk Fest performers 2003


Winnipeg Folk Fest performers 2003 - Ani Difranco appears to be the big name this year, although you never know when Burton Cummings is going to drop in.

What is the net?


Domain names still available


Domain names still available - A comprehensive list of one-word domain names up for grabs. (This is where I found



EasyRGB - Find colour harmonies and the RGB value of many paint colours. Now your website and your living room can match! (via kottke)

Apple getting into music download biz?


Apple getting into music download biz? - Leaked through an LA Times article.

A Jack Kirby theme park


A Jack Kirby theme park - I would so visit this place if it actually existed. (Kirby was a legendary comic book artist. His creations are pretty insane, and probably impossible to build.) (via boingboing)

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