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Apple Music Service

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Apple Music Service - (Plus new iPods.) 99 cents US per song, not available in Canada. Considering the time it takes to find and download a decent mp3 from any of the file sharing systems I've tried (err, I mean, "I've heard about"), this seems reasonable. I'm hoping that it'll be available here May 9, when the iPods are released internationally.

Alpha Flight movie

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Alpha Flight movie - So we were having this discussion the other day about what a movie based on the comic book "Alpha Flight" would look like and who would we cast, and I happened to be searching for other things and found this guy's vision. He cast mostly Americans, while we stuck to Canadians. The only over-lap: Adam Beach.

PETA wants Hamburg NY to change name to Veggieburg - in exchange for $15 000 worth of veggie burgers. Hamburg says no. (I'm sure they would have gone for it if PETA had offered them delicious La Soyarie nut burgers.)

david icke interviews

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david icke interviews - hear the interview that "they" wouldn't let them air! remember - "today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut, that held his ground"

Some Japanese cat costumes

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Some Japanese cat costumes - Andrea, go place your order right now!

Kid Continuity is blogging!

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Kid Continuity is blogging! - My good friend Kid Continuity now has a blog. (Perhaps you've seen his column, Ask Kid Continuity at Screaming Midget?) I know he's my friend because he gave me this nifty signal watch for when I run into trouble. Wait a minute! This is just one of those stupid calculator watches from the 80's! Damn you Kid Con!

The Barenaked Ladies have a blog

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The Barenaked Ladies have a blog - This is the biggest thing since Wil Wheaton!

The Excitement Machine


The Excitement Machine - Yay! I just noticed The Machine is back from holidays. (It's been back for almost a month, but I wasn't paying attention.) For all your retro JC Penny catalogue needs.

Apple to buy Universal Music?

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Apple to buy Universal Music? - The rumor originates from the LA Times, which lends it some credibility, but it just doesn't make sense to me. Apple wants to get into the music download biz, but they don't need a record company to do that.

New iPods this month?

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New iPods this month? - Andrea, take note, with a grain of salt. Interesting point in the article: Apple sells more Windows iPods than Mac iPods.

Daring Fire Ball


Daring Fire Ball - A Mac opinion page which may be able to fill the hole left in my heart by As the Apple Turns (which seems to be on interminable hiatus).

Films based on magazine or newspaper articles - How many are there? I just learned that Blue Crush was based on a Susan Orlean article, just like Adaptation (although that was also a book). Here are some other films that started out as articles:
The Insider (starring Russell Crowe)
Proof of Life (also starring Mr. Crowe!)
City by the Sea
Pushing Tin
The Peacemaker
Gorillas in the Mist
Top Gun
Perfect (A movie about aerobics!)
Saturday Night Fever
On the Waterfront

adriana's caravan


adriana's caravan - every ingredient for every recipe you've ever read. cool!

Scott's page

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Scott's page - Thank goodness mukluk allows self-promotion. This is my first foray into designing a webpage. Check out my version of Green Eggs and Hamlet if you like.

Decent clip art on the web? Who'd a thunk. - My Mom was looking for clip art. It's usually pretty hard to find anything any good on the web, but this stuff is alright. 3M offers clip art for Mac or PC, but it turns out both work on a Mac.

Pride and Extreme Prejudice

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Pride and Extreme Prejudice - What if the Terminator had timetraveled into a Jane Austen novel? This collaborative usenet fiction answers that important question. (Also via boingboing. OK, everyone should just read boingboing.)

Thin Ice


Thin Ice - Here's an amusing/apropos parable about the war on Iraq. (via boingboing)

Undead Sound of Music

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Undead Sound of Music - (Requires Flash) Noah helped me post this.



Pontiki - The Japanese (much cooler) version of Mr. Potato Head. I don't know why they haven't taken the rest of the world by storm yet, but it will happen.

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