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Alpha Flight movie - So we were having this discussion the other day about what a movie based on the comic book "Alpha Flight" would look like and who would we cast, and I happened to be searching for other things and found this guy's vision. He cast mostly Americans, while we stuck to Canadians. The only over-lap: Adam Beach.


dan said:

Here is my dream cast for an Alpha Flight movie:
James Hudson - Joe Flaherty;
Heather Hudson - Catherine O'hara;
North Star - Rick Moranis;
Aurora - Andrea Martin;
Sasquatch - John Candy (if not available, Dave Thomas (not Wendy's dad, the other one));
Shaman - Eugene Levy;
Snowbird - Robin Duke;
Marina - Martin Short;
Puck - Tony Rosato.

scott said:

Quote from the soon-to-be-released SCTV Alpha Flight movie: Andrea Martin as Aurora, with exaggerated gestures - 'I have this accent because I come from Montreal... or was it France? '

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