Films based on magazine or newspaper articles

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Films based on magazine or newspaper articles - How many are there? I just learned that Blue Crush was based on a Susan Orlean article, just like Adaptation (although that was also a book). Here are some other films that started out as articles:
The Insider (starring Russell Crowe)
Proof of Life (also starring Mr. Crowe!)
City by the Sea
Pushing Tin
The Peacemaker
Gorillas in the Mist
Top Gun
Perfect (A movie about aerobics!)
Saturday Night Fever
On the Waterfront


scott said:

Apparently the original "King Kong" was based on an article in the New Yorker entitled "Places to Visit While In -- Holy Crap! What the Hell Is That?!?"

dan said:

Hee hee. Also, I just learned that O Brother Where Art Thou was based on an article by Homer in Sassy.

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