BAMF in Banff.

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Went to see X-men 2 last night in Banff. Lots of fun. Alan Cumming is great casting as Nightcrawler. There's one line in the movie which I think is just wrong. (I suspect it was changed at the last minute without really thinking about the context.) I won't give away any plot information (for those who haven't seen it yet) but at one point Storm says to Nightcrawler "I have faith in you." And faith is the right concept at the time, but the issue isn't whether she has faith in him, or he has faith in himself, or anything like that. It's not about confidence. The issue is whether his faith will allow him to do something he hasn't done before, take a risk, and launch into the unknown. It was so close to being the right line, it just missed by a bit.


dan said:

I think the writers were trying to include Storm's angle on it: that she was putting her faith in Nightcrawler not to teleport her into a wall. But perhaps "Have faith" would have been a better line, addressing Nightcrawler's issues of faith and leaving us to wonder if Storm was putting her faith in NC or something bigger. (I loved NC's teleportation effect.)

andrea said:

and i thought that she had faith that he could do something, even though he didn't know he could. so even though he is launching into the unknown, she already knows that he can do it? OR that she had faith that everything would work out, and for that to happen, nightcrawler had to be successful. hmmm... i hadn't really thought about it, good point scott.

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