Well, I'll be a chimpanzee's uncle

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Some scientists are saying chimps and bonobos are more closely related to us than previously thought, and that they should be moved into the genus Homo (from genus Pan), becoming Homo troglodytes and Homo paniscus. Welcome, guys. (I'm wondering if anyone considered changing humans to Pan sapiens.) (link via kottke) Update: And of course there is a study suggesting just the opposite.


scott said:

So if chimpanzees move from genus Pan to genus Homo, would they then be called chimhomozees?

andrea said:

i got to go to the royal ontario museum while i was in toronto and they have cool monkey/ape skeletons compared to human skeletons. and i saw spider monkeys in tikal, running through the tree tops. they do look incredibly human-like. i'd like to see them in genus homo, the more the merrier!

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