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New shoe line from Birkenstock

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New shoe line from Birkenstock - New stylee shoes that use the Birk ergonomics. Some cute ones. I'm not as impressed with the men's shoes as the women's, though. (via Kottke)

Good cycling glossary


Good cycling glossary - Technical terms and slang. More mountain than road. My favourites: drillium and enscarfment. (via rivets)

Shaolin Soccer

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Shaolin Soccer - 6 martial artist guys and a baker girl apply their skill to the sport of soccer. The film that was a blockbuster in Asia and Latin America is finally coming to North America in August. Will it work here? If anyone can pull it off, Vicki Zhao can. (via Beck)

Happy Cow global vegetarian restaurant guide - Looks very complete. I think they got every restaurant in Winnipeg and Ottawa. (via Bifurcated Rivets)

Accordian Guy vs. Can rock


Accordian Guy vs. Can rock - What happens when Canadian rock stars are confronted with an accordian? They run away. (via bb)



lush! - the black magic aromatherapy massage bar is my favourite. but the bubble bars are amazing too. i've been having a hard time finding bubble baths anywhere else though, everything smells like fruit, and i want beautiful smells. so i searched the web.

what i found was aveda
aveda isn't just about hair, like i thought! i think they could beat out lush for best bath product. they have aveda soothing aqua therapy, refreshing bath bar, energizing body cleaners, calming body cleanser, a different shower gel for every chakra, and my favourite... aveda love. love smells like heaven, and it doesn't come in a bubble bath, but you could add the oils to your bath and it would be heavenly.

and there's always batherapy which has magic healing powers. if you're getting sick, batherapy it'll stop it from happening, and it'll sooth sore muscles and turn the tub an icky green. it does not smell sweet and flowery.

you can also make your own bubble baths and bath salts
here. and what is everyone else's favourite bath?

Julie Taymor on Sept. 11th


Julie Taymor on Sept. 11th - A transcript of a Bill Moyers interview just after the Sept. 11th bombing, with Julie Taymor (director of "Frida", "Titus", and "the Lion King" on Broadway). Yeah, it's a couple of years old, but it's got some interesting stuff about the role of art and the artist.

Will the real Kokopelli please stand up? - An interesting study in iconography. Here is what happens when an image is reproduced thousands of times, hand-drawn copies of copies.

flutterbee has his own website. - "Welcome to flutterbee's home. We thank God for the opportunity to serve you.  We hope you enjoy your visit here.  We have specialty gifts, decor items, jewelry, seasonal gifts, tools, knives, dolls and timepieces. We have personally inspected a wide range of items and they are high quality products and good values. We will be adding new items and categories on a regular basis, so please check back often.  We ask God to bless America, our families and our homes. " i especially like the last supper wall clock.

Please children, show Mr. Schwimmer a little respect - David Schwimmer is shocked to learn that people associate him with "Ross".

Seemingly random 10 minute mobs


Seemingly random 10 minute mobs - are being coordinated by email in NYC. (via Kottke)

Got Questions about Season 7 of "Buffy"? - Ah, finally, someone takes the time to answer all the unanswered questions that the writers of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" were too busy or too lazy to squeeze into the show's final season. You kind of have to be a fan to understand the references, but even if you aren't, the snarky tone comes through loud and clear. (The site's not called "Boils and Blinding Torment" for nothin'.)

Guttural noises in comics


Dialect maps of the USA


Dialect maps of the USA - Find out where they say you, you all, y'all, yooz, etc. I wonder if there's something like this for Canada.

Manifesto 2000


Manifesto 2000 - 2000-2010 is the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence. Manifesto 2000 is a call to positive action created by a number of Nobel Prize winners. It's nice and simple, and gosh darn it, it's colorful and pretty!

Mantario canoe route


Mantario canoe route - A nice canoe route, with the possible exception of the "Up and Over" portage.

Shakespeare on the run


Shakespeare on the run - "New York Classical Theatre presents, 'Much Ado About Nothing', but you'll be expected to do something when the actors move every 5-7 minutes, and about 50 ft to get to the next scene." (via Boing Boing)

Oh Miss Canada


Oh Miss Canada - How could you? This is will be worse for Canadian tourism than the SARS thing. (via the Yeti)

101 palm trees


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101 palm trees - palm trees are so cool!

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