flutterbee has his own website.

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flutterbee has his own website. - "Welcome to flutterbee's home. We thank God for the opportunity to serve you.  We hope you enjoy your visit here.  We have specialty gifts, decor items, jewelry, seasonal gifts, tools, knives, dolls and timepieces. We have personally inspected a wide range of items and they are high quality products and good values. We will be adding new items and categories on a regular basis, so please check back often.  We ask God to bless America, our families and our homes. " i especially like the last supper wall clock.


andrea said:

and you must see this!!! flutterbee really loves america.

scott said:

Thanks Andrea. Now I understand why America is so great.

dan said:

(Flutterbee is Andrea's cat.) This explains why Flutterbee is always talking about taking over the world.

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