lush! - the black magic aromatherapy massage bar is my favourite. but the bubble bars are amazing too. i've been having a hard time finding bubble baths anywhere else though, everything smells like fruit, and i want beautiful smells. so i searched the web.

what i found was aveda
aveda isn't just about hair, like i thought! i think they could beat out lush for best bath product. they have aveda soothing aqua therapy, refreshing bath bar, energizing body cleaners, calming body cleanser, a different shower gel for every chakra, and my favourite... aveda love. love smells like heaven, and it doesn't come in a bubble bath, but you could add the oils to your bath and it would be heavenly.

and there's always batherapy which has magic healing powers. if you're getting sick, batherapy it'll stop it from happening, and it'll sooth sore muscles and turn the tub an icky green. it does not smell sweet and flowery.

you can also make your own bubble baths and bath salts
here. and what is everyone else's favourite bath?

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