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Scott McCloud cartoon


I don't know whether it was the subject matter, or the time of night when I looked at this, but this cartoon really got to me. It's got window-shades, so when you get to those frames you click on the shade and it opens.



Teemings is an ezine which I've only just started reading but which appears to have a lot of really great writing. For example, a piece about an evil blimp.

Five-time Tour de France winners

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A four-part series on the five-time winners of the Tour de France: Jacques Anquetil, Eddie Merckx, Bernard Hinault, and Miguel Indurain. Most likely, they will need to make an addition to the series tomorrow.

Fishy game

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A flash game with a simple but fun concept. You are a little fish. You can eat littler fish, but bigger fish can eat you. The more you eat, the bigger you get (very slowly).

Heeeeeeere's Johnny!


Everyone can be a publisher

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It just got easier to self-publish thanks to Cafe Press book publishing. Setting it up costs nothing. You provide the PDF. They print and ship it when someone orders. By my calculations, a 28-page comic would cost $5.26 (US) to print. A 200-page paperback would cost $13.00. The cost per book is much higher than with large print runs, but the zero-upfront cost is revolutionary.

Group dynamics

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Transcript of a speech by Clay Shirky explains how groups on the net can't help but follow certain patterns dictated by human nature. Very informative.



Discovering Dominga is a PBS documentary about an Iowa woman reconnecting with her Mayan roots, and learning more about the Rio Negro massacre in which her parents were killed. The website is very informative, with lots of good links and resources. Gets the Rebecca endorsement.



Blambot offers a huge selection of comic book lettering fonts. There are many decent fonts free to independent comics creators and non-profits, and other professional fonts at reasonable prices. Great stuff!

Tour de France


The Tour de France began on Saturday. This gets so little publicity in Canada that I forgot about it and missed the first stage. It is shown nightly on the Outdoor Life Network. There is no Canadian competing this year, as far as I know, but there is a guy named David Canada, from Spain. [update: The best source for information seems to be the TDF weblog.]

Top 30 TV Title Sequences - Ten contemporary opening credits, ten classics, and ten opening credits that were better than their shows. (Battlestar Gallactica fans beware!)

Canada interesting?

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Naomi Klein (No Logo author) has written a short piece on the new, interesting Canada.

curiosity cabinets


i love this article and the photos of curiosity cabinets, i love the way their workspace reflects their personalities, this is the kind of interior design i want to do. for more great design photos, this article about nike's new london office. horrible company, but they know how to pick designers! both from metropolis magazine



Silence of the Lambs as a musical? Makes perfect sense. The entire soundtrack is available online. Hilarious! (Language warning!)
Silence! The Musical
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This is Corky, one of the world's friendliest dogs. I hadn't seen her in a few years, and she is now around 15 years old. She's looking a little greyer than before, but she's still spunky.

Movable Mukluk


Mukluk is now MovableType-based. I was using my own hand-crafted blog software, just for the fun of it, but it was becoming cumbersome.

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