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It just got easier to self-publish thanks to Cafe Press book publishing. Setting it up costs nothing. You provide the PDF. They print and ship it when someone orders. By my calculations, a 28-page comic would cost $5.26 (US) to print. A 200-page paperback would cost $13.00. The cost per book is much higher than with large print runs, but the zero-upfront cost is revolutionary.


skiaglyph said:

It's a whole new industry called Print-on-Demand. Check out the competition:


Though individual book copies may be more expensive to print than through a traditional publisher, the author gets a five to ten times geater cut per book sold. Hence, even established authors are using Print-on-Demand.


I'm tempted.

skiaglyph said:

The zero upfront at Cafepress.com though is truly novel!

dan said:

Yeah. Before I posted, I checked to see if I could find any other self-publishing companies with a zero upfront setup, but couldn't find any. However, the others do offer many services, like editing and publicizing which CafePress does not.

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