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Wow! Can you believe hail can do something like this? (via muxway)

Harold and Maude and Wes


I just saw Harold and Maude for the first time, and it is a great movie! It seemed like a Wes Anderson film, but since it predates anything Wes Anderson has done, I figured it must have been an influence for him. Then, searching IMDB, I found that Bud Cort of H&M has a part in Wes Anderson's next film. I am sure this is not a coincidence.

rebecca - this is for you! you get to pick a basic style, then design it anyway you want - well, pick out colours and materials for each part of the shoe. very fun.

Famous Trials


Detailed summaries of the most famous trials in history, from Socrates to O.J. (via bifurcated rivets)

Luna Park


i love this house. and looks a lot like the house i imagine myself living in when i am old, after i've spent many years working on it. you must check out the bathroom.

start the tour of the house here.

Story vs. Game

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An interesting article on the relationship and differences between the concept of story and game.



I always enjoy the postings at cockeyed, and their "how much is inside" articles, but I particularly enjoyed a recent item about lard.

Refracted Buffy


A collection of scholarly arcticles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Includes discussions of "Is Giles just Van Helsing?" and "Coming Out on the Hellmouth."

The Craft Circle


the craft circle is a bulletin board that i started with some study buddies. it's really, really slow right now, but i think it has potential. i've met some amazing cool people there. it's basically a place to chat about different creative pursuits - needle crafts & sewing, photography, fine art, writing, creativity - like the artists's way and cooking/baking.



Google now has a built-in calculator. I will actually use this.

So, a play of mine was done in Wolfville yesterday. It's interesting to see how one's work gets interpreted in the media. The article (which is part of the United Church General Council's daily updates) is pretty good, but the play sounds a bit like an after-school special about the dangers of alcoholism or something.

On an episode of the Simpsons tonight, the line "Ooh, the Amish are so industrious... Not like those shiftless Mennonites." Canadian Mennonite points out that Matt Groening's grandmother was a Mennonite from Saskatchewan. The question is : Would Andrea's Mennonite-radar be able to spot Matt Groening in a bar?

The Buck Stops Here


Starbucks is suing a small cafe in northern BC for copyright infringement. The cafe is called HaidaBucks cuz it's a Haida community and the guys who run the joint are, well, bucks. Apparently "bucks" is the sole property of Starbucks. (Has Starbucks ever been sued by Herman Melville, or, I don't know, the creators of Battlestar Gallactica?)



This guy collects sketches by comic book artists featuring cliffs.

Everyday Economics

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I'm currently reading through the entire series of columns by Steven E. Landsburg called Everyday Economics. It's interesting to see a different take on many aspects of everyday life.

MS Bike Tour


I'm taking part in the Multiple Sclerosis Bike Tour August 23 and 24, so I'm probably going to be hitting up most of you for donations. If you're worried I might not get around to asking you for money, you can contact me. I'm also looking to recruit other riders. I don't have any personal connection to MS, but it's a rare opportunity for me to do something for a good cause while riding my bike.

Not A Fairy Tale


Fable is an Xbox game, apparently. I don't know anything about the game, but I like the look of their promo site. It's designed like an old book, with woodcut artwork and, best of all, pull-tabs like on pop-up books. One pull-tab for good, and one for evil. Some of the images are quite disturbing, but, come one, pull-tabs!

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