Not like those shiftless Mennonites

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On an episode of the Simpsons tonight, the line "Ooh, the Amish are so industrious... Not like those shiftless Mennonites." Canadian Mennonite points out that Matt Groening's grandmother was a Mennonite from Saskatchewan. The question is : Would Andrea's Mennonite-radar be able to spot Matt Groening in a bar?


andrea said:

i probably couldn't spot matt, but i could spot Aganetha Klassen no problem. ainslie or vic could probably spot matt.

from the article - (A web check reveals that Great-Grandmother Groening was Aganetha Klassen, daughter of Kleine Gemeinde minister Abraham Klassen of Kansas.)

andrea said:

except, of course, Aganetha Klassen has never been in a bar.

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