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Dreams of Space


A catalogue of space images from children's books. There was so much optimism.

Supply-Side Jesus


Supply-Side Jesus is Al Franken's take on the New Testament if it were written by Republicans, in comic strip form.



A new (very new!) site for keeping track of upcoming events (conecerts, theatre, etc.), letting your friends know you're attending, and finding out what else is happening in your city. At the moment there are only a few people using it, but it could become really handy if other people start to use it. (I added Winnipeg to the cities, but haven't added any events yet.)

i joined a club!


it's called adpsr. you would think creative people could come up with a more memorable or interesting name! it stands for architects/designers/planners for social responsibility. on a similar note, i also found a club for noah to join when he's a little older. i buy different, and it's really cute.

Story sketch

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A story sketch is a collaborative story created within the game of iSketch. And some of them are pretty good.

Info on the Guatemalan military


Declassified information on the Guatemalan military, gathered by the US, made available online by the National Security Archive. The records date from the 60s up to about 1995.

Reptilian Kitten Eaters

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The Ontario Conservatives have accused their Liberal opponent of being a reptilian kitten eater from another planet. This article speculates that it might be a reference to Clem from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I think it's more likely a reference to "V".

Celebrity Mole returns!

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"Later this year" Celebrity Mole returns, and so do some of the "celebrities" from the last series! This time the C-list celebrity magic takes place in the Yucatan.

Beatles vs iTunes


The Fab Four (3? 2? 1?) are suing Apple, probably over the use of the apple logo in connection with music. Would the original Paul McCartney have put up with this sort of thing?



Every day, a new Scrabble puzzle on Scrabblog.


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So you want to know why the alphabet is in alphabetical order? Here's one theory.

Voight-Kampff Test

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Which candidates for mayor of San Francisco are replicants?



Addictive online game time! iSketch. (It's basically "Pictionary" online.)

Broken Saints


I've just started reading this online Flash comic called Broken Saints (although, I think technically they prefer the term "cinematic literature"). It's by three guys from Vancouver. They're site is very slick, and they must work on the project full time, but apparently they make no money at it. They do it for the art. Kinda brings a tear to my eye.


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IKEA product names: gotta love 'em. I always assumed they were random Swedish, but it turns out there are naming rules. Well, more like guidelines.

Bad Designs

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A site for people like Dan who look at things and think this could be have been designed better (via bifurcated rivets)

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