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Type design sketches


Here are some excellent sketches and notes from a workshop on type (font) design. (via Kottke)

Sealed air


I received a package today that came with a bag of air. Now obviously this is a very smart way of protecting shipping items. It uses very little material and is lighter than anything else. However, I can't help but find it funny that there is a Sealed Air Corporation. You know these guys are laughing at the bottled-water people. "You think you're so clever selling people bottles of water for the price of orange juice? Well, we're selling them small bags of air! Even though the bag is surrounded by air!" Now I'm wondering if there's a market for premium air. Glacier air would be nice and clean, but very thin. Perhaps air previously breathed by celebrities would sell.

Not a floatation device. Not a toy. Not a baby pillow.

One of the warning icons on the bag tells you not to use it as a pillow for your baby. Besides the smothering danger, wouldn't it make the back of your baby's head very sweaty?

Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists


Finally a Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists. My favourite LFHCfS member is Gavrin, although I'm not sure his hair is really flowing in that picture. Einstein, Ben Franklin, and Sir Isaac Newton are honorary historical members. (via rivets)


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GPS devices + big field + custom software = real world Tron Light Cycles without the cycles. (via waxy)



A very large and cool collaborative comic (2.3 MB Shockwave file). (also via Waxy)

Lady Liberty


It's Buffy/Harry Potter fan-fiction. It's set during the American Revolution. It's more than a hundred chapters. It's Lady Liberty! Disclaimer: I haven't actually read a word of it to see if it's any good at all. Also, the prelude is actually a Buffy/JAG crossover. (via Waxy)

Elle Decor Dining by Design

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last year, i worked with another student to try and raise the money ($10,000 US plus budget expenses) to enter this. we didn't come up with the money :(

but this year, our school has been sponsored, so we can get in, and we have a small $2,500 US budget. so we can do it!! i am so excited, last year karim rashid (who i looooove) was in it. it looks like he's not in it this year, and the entries actually kinda suck. very corporate, but i guess that's what happens with such high entry fees. karim did one for a diamond company, i think, the whole table was like jewels.

ours will rock.

i still have to apply to join the design team, but i'm pretty sure i'll get in! i rock.

iTunes for Windows

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It's here. The next priority is probably setting up the iTunes music store in Europe, but with licensing complications in the EU, maybe it'll come to Canada first. Hurry up Apple! I wonder if they'll lower hardware prices if they make a tonne of money on this.

Zen Garden


The CSS Zen Garden has been around for a little while, but continues to add new designs that demonstrate that beautiful web site designs can be created with elegant and standards-compliant code.

Dan Rather raps


I just saw Bowling for Columbine again, in which Michael Moore makes clear that the news media are in the business of scaring us. Then I came across this nice musical remix of Dan Rather (via Aaron Swartz). Putting that together must have been a lot of work (assuming it wasn't all from one newscast).

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