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last year, i worked with another student to try and raise the money ($10,000 US plus budget expenses) to enter this. we didn't come up with the money :(

but this year, our school has been sponsored, so we can get in, and we have a small $2,500 US budget. so we can do it!! i am so excited, last year karim rashid (who i looooove) was in it. it looks like he's not in it this year, and the entries actually kinda suck. very corporate, but i guess that's what happens with such high entry fees. karim did one for a diamond company, i think, the whole table was like jewels.

ours will rock.

i still have to apply to join the design team, but i'm pretty sure i'll get in! i rock.


dan said:

I hope John Waters is one of the judges! By the way, the Target table is hideous! It's got their logo all over it!

dan said:

Hmmm! Did I use enough exclamtion marks! In that last comment?!

orchid said:

no! you didn't!

i love target!

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