Sealed air


I received a package today that came with a bag of air. Now obviously this is a very smart way of protecting shipping items. It uses very little material and is lighter than anything else. However, I can't help but find it funny that there is a Sealed Air Corporation. You know these guys are laughing at the bottled-water people. "You think you're so clever selling people bottles of water for the price of orange juice? Well, we're selling them small bags of air! Even though the bag is surrounded by air!" Now I'm wondering if there's a market for premium air. Glacier air would be nice and clean, but very thin. Perhaps air previously breathed by celebrities would sell.

Not a floatation device. Not a toy. Not a baby pillow.

One of the warning icons on the bag tells you not to use it as a pillow for your baby. Besides the smothering danger, wouldn't it make the back of your baby's head very sweaty?

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