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Crochet laptop cases

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Hmm... Custom crochet laptop sleeves. That gives me an idea! Actually, I'd already been thinking about knitting an iBook case, but this might spur me to do it.


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Mukluk has a new wintery look, just cuz. If everything is still that drab grey, you might need to hit reload. The archive and comment pages will have the old look until I get around to fixing them. [Update: Still winterifying some templates, but I have installed a plug-in called smartypants which makes "quotes" and 'apostrophes' look much nicer.]



Terry Gross did an interview with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog on National Public Radio. Very amusing. For reference, here are some Triumph video clips (you'll need to scroll down to find them) (and unfortunately the Star Wars video clip is incomplete).

Worst Last Movies

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OK, this isn't a link. More of a request for a link. Last night I saw a commercial for the movie "Bad Santa" with John Ritter (and others). And I got to thinking, How many actors have put in fine distinguished careers, only to have the last film they ever made turn out to be a stinker. (Not saying that "Bad Santa" won't be a cinemagraphic tour-de-force. I haven't even seen it.) But if you were John Candy, would you say, "Ah, I've completed Wagons East; I can die a happy man." I wonder if there's a list anywhere of the last films actors made before they died.

Black Elk Speaks


The entirety of the book Black Elk Speaks is available online as HTML or PDF through the University of Nebraska Lincoln. I've come across quite a few Black Elk quotes lately. This is a very cool resource. (via dangerousmeta)

How many people have ever lived?


106 billion is the best estimate from "Population Today". That's a lot higher than I would have guessed, and it shoots down that factoid that says there are more people alive today than in the rest of history. (via kottke)

Perfect gift

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The perfect Christmas gift. Is there a better way of saying you care? (via waxy)

Good news in Guatemala?


The election results are not all in, but it looks like former dictator Rios Montt will not be coming back in to power in Guatemala, since he is currently sitting in third place. There may still be a need for a run-off election between the first place (Oscar Berger, Guatemala City mayor) and second place (Alvaro Colom, centre-left) candidates.

Writing boot camp


Charles Johnson describes a really interesting alternative to the typical creative writing course. I haven't taken any writing classes outside of high school and university English, so I don't really know what a typical class would be, but his approach appeals to me.

good deed visa


i was shopping for fair trade christmas presents online, and i came across the oxfam visa card on the oxfam site with an oxfam visa, $0.10 from every puchase you make is donated to oxfam, and you don't have to do anything! so, i applied here and it was really cool. i filled in the application, and the screen flashed "you will have your decision in less than 10 seconds" and then.. ta da..... i am approved. i like this. when i got my mastercard from the credit union, it took for freaking ever.

at the last minute, i noticed an amnesty visa too. but i already write letters for amnesty, so i thought i'd stick with oxfam for my visa.

That's an odd question


I think this means I can now sign checks with "eyes: brown". Somehow entering my name and address didn't prove that I wanted their magazine, but this does.

iBooky goodness


iBook laptop keyboard
Finally, it is here. It's so fast and pretty. And I can't stop Exposéing!

Random Names

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This random name generator uses US census data to create names for your fictional characters or imaginary friends. You select the obscurity level (from Charles Kemp to Magaly Neddo).

Mac word processing

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I've just done a brief survey of word processors and MS Word document viewers for the Mac. I haven't actually tried most of them: this is just what I could glean from the websites. I have noted their compatability with MS Word documents. Prices are in US dollars, and rounded off to a meaningful number. Open Office certainly seems to be worth a try, as it is a free download.

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