Crochet laptop cases

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Hmm... Custom crochet laptop sleeves. That gives me an idea! Actually, I'd already been thinking about knitting an iBook case, but this might spur me to do it.


andrea said:

they look suspiciously knitted to me. but either way, i don't think knits are the best way to protect the laptop, because anything that can scratch or damage a laptop, can do it through knits too. make a titanium cover.

dan said:

Even if it was a really thick knit? Also, this is just a sleeve to provide a bit of padding inside of another bag. If only I could figure out a way to knit titanium!

andrea said:

it would have to be a really thick yarn with small needles, but even then, something sharp would go right through it. and you always carry knives and razor blades in your bag, right? you'll find a way to knit with titanium.

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