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OK, this isn't a link. More of a request for a link. Last night I saw a commercial for the movie "Bad Santa" with John Ritter (and others). And I got to thinking, How many actors have put in fine distinguished careers, only to have the last film they ever made turn out to be a stinker. (Not saying that "Bad Santa" won't be a cinemagraphic tour-de-force. I haven't even seen it.) But if you were John Candy, would you say, "Ah, I've completed Wagons East; I can die a happy man." I wonder if there's a list anywhere of the last films actors made before they died.


dan said:

Raul Julia's last film was Street Fighter. That's pretty bad. Maybe if we can come up with a few, a search on their names and the films would find something, if it exists.

dan said:

Turner Classic Movies had a festival of final films, but it looks like they opted to show good movies. I've searched my little heart out, and it looks like no one has done a compilation of bad last films.

dan said:

OK, I'll stop after this. From digging through old movie discussion boards, here are a few that people called "Lousy Last Hurrahs"...

Vincent Price: Dead Heat. The general agreement was that Edward Scissorhands would have been a more fitting final film.

Peter Sellers's last two movies were The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu and Trail of the Pink Panther. Sellers died halfway through that one, and the story was modified so that Clouseau is missing for most of the movie. He should have retired after Being There.

Natalie Wood: Brainstorm. I haven't seen it, but I can imagine.

Bela Lugosi: Plan 9 From Outer Space. Yikes!

Orson Welles: Transformers the Movie.

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