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Satellite laser hair removal

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Mini iPods?

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One of the Mac rumor sites is claiming that Steve Jobs will be announcing mini iPods during his January 6th Mac Expo keynote, 2 to 4 GB (400-800 songs) starting at $100 US. I hope it's true. Recently announced nickel-sized hard drives make a tiny tiny iPod a possibility, but they might just be talking about regular sized iPods with "mini" capacity.

Real men of genius


Bud Light salutes Real Men of Genius (like Mr. Pro-Wrestling-Wardrobe-Designer and Mr. Bowling-Shoe-Giver-Outer) in these hilarious radio commercials. Some have been made in to TV commercials. Note that they used the term "Real American Heroes" until 9/11. Also, the singer is the guy who sang Eye of the Tiger. (via Bifurcated Rivets)



Someone has taken the songs from the Buffy musical episode and written new lyrics for a musical Lord of the Rings. Wow. I am impressed at how well they mesh, but wait until you see what I can do with that Head of the Class episode where they performed Little Shop of Horrors and I cross it with the Matrix trilogy.



The joys of ultra lightweight backpacking. I like the idea, although I like the idea of a tent even more. And I don't buy the "water filters don't work" concept. But there probably are some good ideas in this book.


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this is so fun! you can paint your own piccasso head self portrait.

here's mine!

Always room for Jello

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Jelly Bath turns your bath water into a colourful, fluffy jelly, and holds heat longer. Only $18 a bath! (Paging Andrea...)

Cold cure


A very effective treatment for colds has been found, but so far no drug company has pursued it, because it may not be profitable. (The article does contain some suggestions for avoiding or minimizing colds in the meantime.)



Send a lump of coal to WalMart.

What's your BQ?


Test your "Brotherhood Quotient"
with this clumsy public service announcement from a 1959 comic book. Yikes! (Are they making better PSAs today than in the late 1950s? You decide.)

Allred E. Neumann


Mad Magazine will be doing a comic book parody in their January issue, which is notable because it will feature original work by Byrne, Miller, Romita Jr., Allred, and others. (If you don't know who those guys are, you can probably ignore this.)

Junior Senior - Move Your Feet


Here's a very cute video for a very cute song.

Snowflake maker


Here's a fun little snowflake maker, to go with the wintery theme here at mukluk (Thanks Heather!) and here's a snow globe you can shake up. (We will now be posting everything from Metafilter verbatim.)


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since we had so much fun with this last night, i thought i should share with everyone.... oy to ah! i showed this site to dan and rebecca as a way of showing them that "life coaches" are actually not that strange. i think they're a good idea for a lot of people. this life coach may be a little nuts, but she does get her mission accomplished - to spread laughter. (awwwww)
the first thing to do here is check out the definitions for oy and ah.
and who thinks this should be dan's first link on metafilter??? i do!

The Oscar Wilde Collection


The works of Oscar Wilde are available online. It would be nice if they were all in HTML format instead of a mix of PDF and HTML, and it would be nice if they weren't doing that invisible frames thing to mess up their URLs, but still, it's very cool. (via bifurcated rivets)

The Brick Testament

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The Old Testament illustrated in Lego. Warning: Some stoning of Lego people. (found via the rivets)

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