Mini iPods?

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One of the Mac rumor sites is claiming that Steve Jobs will be announcing mini iPods during his January 6th Mac Expo keynote, 2 to 4 GB (400-800 songs) starting at $100 US. I hope it's true. Recently announced nickel-sized hard drives make a tiny tiny iPod a possibility, but they might just be talking about regular sized iPods with "mini" capacity.


andrea said:

cool! it says they'll have colours and stripes! i think it's funny that they're calling the mini iPod "pocket sized" as i carry my "big" one in my pocket?

dan said:

Yeah, I'm not clear on whether these are really going to be smaller than the current iPods or just smaller capacity. Or whether they actually exist.

andrea said:

i want them to exist, especially a red and pink striped one.

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