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since we had so much fun with this last night, i thought i should share with everyone.... oy to ah! i showed this site to dan and rebecca as a way of showing them that "life coaches" are actually not that strange. i think they're a good idea for a lot of people. this life coach may be a little nuts, but she does get her mission accomplished - to spread laughter. (awwwww)
the first thing to do here is check out the definitions for oy and ah.
and who thinks this should be dan's first link on metafilter??? i do!


noonooo said:

this struck me as disturbing rather than curious or bemusing...

andrea said:

what?! disturbing? you must have missed this - https://host03.intent.net/oytoahsecure/relishthemoment.htm

"Play Relish in a Jar with Healing Power of Condiments Card and Bow."

come on, what do you have against play relish?

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