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boys kissing

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not just any boys, boys from lord of the rings, pirates of the carribean and others. it's a bloomin' (ha! ha!) good site.

Mac Folklore


Folklore is a new site by Andy Hertzfeld that tells early stories of the people who created the Macintosh. Andy was part of the original Mac team. (I love this kind of stuff.)

Hey ya, Charlie Brown


You're a good man, Andre 3000. Hey ya, Charlie Brown. (Quicktime video, posted in so many places I don't know who this is via.)

Mars Scorecard


I'm glad someone has been keeping track of the success rate for missions to Mars. Mars is kicking our planetary ass. (I am impressed by how those Soviets just would not give up!)

Donkey Konga

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Finally, a reason to get a Nintendo Game Cube (and move to Japan): Donky Konga. (quicktime videogame trailer, contains neither a donkey nor a conga, just a monkey and bongos, and a Japanese family clapping in unison, via waxy)

Will Ferrell speaks at Harvard

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Take a look at this speech given by Will Farrell (Real Player, skip to 1:30:00 into the video to get past all the boring commencement stuff) at Harvard Class Day 2003, or just read the transcript. Truly hilarious. Also very funny was Conan O'brien's speech from 2000.

Spalding Gray missing

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Spalding Gray (actor, writer, monologist) has been reported missing. (via Mefi)

Apple keynote

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OK, so what new Apple products did Stevo unveil at the Mac World Expo? There is a new iPod mini, close to what was predicted, however at $250 US, not quite as cheap as predicted. They come in colours, and the blue one looks cute. All new iLife apps, including Garage Band, which sounds kind of neat. All pretty cool things, but on the 20th anniversary of the Mac, some people may have been expecting something more revolutionary. Where was the iFaster-than-light spaceship?


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Fontifier allows you to make a font based on your handwriting, for free! All you need to do is print their template, fill it in with your handwriting, scan it and submit it. I've tried it and it works. The results are a little choppy, but I am still impressed. Now available, the Dan font (right-click to download), for all your forgery needs.

Tofu text reader


Tofu isn't just a versatile source of protein, anymore. It's also a text reader for Mac OS X which displays the text in narrow columns. Columns are limited to the height of the window, and you scroll through them sideways. The division of text into bite-size chunks does seem to make on-screen reading easier. It's like reading People magazine. (Oh yeah, it's free!)


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is the eating of insects. ewwwww! eatbug.com has tasty recipies and even explains how to raise mealworms and crickets for consumption. (via AskMe)

Early colour photos


There's something very interesting about colour photographs taken during the brief time period that was dominated by black and white photography, and which we've come to imagine as happening in black and white. The Charles Cushman Collection has photos from the 30s and 40s from all over North America (many in colour). PBS had a program with colour footage from WWII. The US Library of Congress had an exhibition of photos from Czarist Russia, which are astonishing (taken in the early 1900s!). I think seeing history in colour makes it much easier to imagine being there, and makes me wish someone had bothered to invent photography earlier. (Anybody got any more?)

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