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Fontifier allows you to make a font based on your handwriting, for free! All you need to do is print their template, fill it in with your handwriting, scan it and submit it. I've tried it and it works. The results are a little choppy, but I am still impressed. Now available, the Dan font (right-click to download), for all your forgery needs.


andrea said:

coo-oool. i've changed all of my sticky notes to dan font and they look really cool now, like real stickies!

andrea said:

mmmmm :(
i shared this with some people from school, but none of us can access the site. do you think the site is down or is there something wrong with the link?


dan said:

Apparently they've been getting loads more traffic than they were prepared for. The page loaded for me just now, but if it's not working for you, try again another day when the excitement has died down a bit.

andrea said:

yes, it's working for everyone now. yah!

scott said:

Dan, what does "right-click" mean?
Your font displays on my browser as a bunch of code. Or maybe that's what your handwriting looks like.

dan said:

In Safari, option-click to download.

andrea said:

ohh yes. dan's handwriting looks just like a bunch of code. very hi-tech.

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