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renton returns!!!

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just when i had given up on ever laughing again, my favourite diarylander (other than andrew , my future husband) is back. renton is the founder of CADAITR! (celibacy and dying alone in the rain)

Oscar pool

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This is the big day. Make your guesses in my Oscar (tm) pool. No write-in votes for Jesus or Mel! That's next year. No Corbin Bernsen either! (You can see samples from all the animated films here.)

Walkie talkie man

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Cool music video with stop-motion knitting.

WB cancels Angel

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Angel has been cancelled by the WB. Scroll down to the red text on The Bronze discussion board to see Joss Whedon's reaction. [Update: Article on the WB's explanation for the cancellation, and the beginning of a backlash.]

ancient building materials

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i am writing a paper about the historic use of building materials, and the cultural importance of building materials in early civilizations, specifically in central america and mesopotamia. this site has the best photos of mayan ruins i've found. this guardian book review makes bricks, and the history of bricks, seem absolutely fascinating.

Dirty Hardy?

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Is Clint Eastwood the son of Stan Laurel?!?


Well, no. But I had to come up with something to continue Unplanned Clint Eastwood Day here at Mukluk.

By the way, I just found another feature in Firefox. You can do a quick keyword search from the address bar by typing something like "google clint eastwood", or "goto clint eastwood" to go directly to the first result. And you can make your own for other sites (like "imdb clint eastwood").


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Get Firefox
is the new name for that Netscape open source spinoff that came to be known as Mozilla, then Firebird, and now Firefox. Its a nice alternative to Safari, and does some things better, some not.

  • Firefox loads web pages a little slower than Safari, I think.
  • Loads java applications much, much faster and they run more smoothly.
  • Blocks popups like Safari, but lets you know they exist with a small icon in the status bar, in case you need to see them.
  • Buttons and form inputs are not OS X native, but can be styled by web authors to match the web site (whether this is good or bad is a matter of opinion).
  • You can choose to block images for a particular website.
  • Autocompletes URLs in a less annoying way than Safari (doesn't overdo it).
  • Page info command (handy for web developers).
  • New icon is pretty.
  • Evokes images of Clint Eastwood in a flight suit.

In any case, it's nice to have options, and with Safari, Firefox, Omniweb, and Camino available for the Mac there are more decent options than ever before.

Year of the monkey

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The 50 coolest apes of all time. The list is pretty complete as far as I can tell, although I don't understand how Cornelius could be ahead of Dr. Zaius.

Pizza Party USA


A modest proposal for leap day in the USA. I'm all in favour of extending it to Canada.

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