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This is the big day. Make your guesses in my Oscar (tm) pool. No write-in votes for Jesus or Mel! That's next year. No Corbin Bernsen either! (You can see samples from all the animated films here.)


dan said:

Wow, I underestimated the extent to which LOTR would sweep the awards. Something I'm wondering... although I was happy to see Denis Arcand win for Barbarian Invasions, why wasn't City of God nominated for the Foreign Language Film category? Strange.

dan said:

Ah, just found an answer to my own question. 1: It was put forward for the category last year, but did not get nominated. 2: The Foreign Film nomination process is completely insane. NY Times link (registration required).

andrea said:

sooo what happens with your poll? did i win?

scott said:

Gosh, this is amazing, wow, I just, wow, so many people to thank, um... I used to dream of winning an Oscar pool since I was a little kid, but I never imagined that some day, you know, I'd be, you know ... Wow! WOOHOO! I want to say what an honour it was to be listed in the same email as amazing oscar pool contestants like Nanette, Dan. Alison (I had my money on you, I really thought you'd pull if off this year). Um, um, I'm forgetting someone... (who?)... ANDREA! Wonderful guesses everyone. I want to especially thank Dan and everybody and Defective Yeti. My family. My mother, who's looking down on me. (Not because she's dead, but because she's generally condescending and stuck-up.) This one's for you, Mom. I want to dedicate this win to Dorothy Dandridge and all the other nameless faceless women of colour, and noncolour, and men, (though it's kind of hard to know who's a man and who's a woman and who's of colour and who's not, since, you know they're faceless, you know. But I suppose you could look at their hands.) who spend 3+ hours once a year watching the Academy Awards, except for the half hour when they had to give Noah a bath. And I want to thank the Academy for choosing many of the same fine actors, directors, writers, designers, editers, and musicians that I chose. And I also want to ... NO! NO! Please, not yet. I'm almost done, I'm almost done. UM, um, who am I forgetting? BEN MULRONEY! YOU'RE THE MAN! I WANT TO SAY, THAT IF YOU ARE THE SON OF A FORMER PRIME MINISTER, THERE'S NO SHAME IN SEEKING THE HELP NEEDED TO STOP THE CYCLE. IF WE ALL WORK TOGETHER, SOMEDAY WE MAY ACHIEVE THE DREAM OF SEEING JULIA ROBERTS WEARING KATHERINE HEPBURN'S SKIRT AT BARBARA WALTER'S FUNERAL!! THANK YOU. THANK YOU SO MUCH. FREE TIBET. AND NEW ZEALAND.

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