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The new Google

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Google has had a facelift. Among the changes: a cleaner front page (hard to do!), Froogle is now a front page tab, and the directory is not. Other features are now more obvious, thanks to the "more" link. Also, Google is beta-testing a new personalized search feature, which asks a lot of questions. Overall, I'd call the redesign a subtle improvement.

[March 31 Update: Is the Gmail feature for real? I can't tell.]



The Guardian has an interesting article looking at the secretive world of the late Stanley Kubrick. What I found most interesting about his film-making method is that he could research every little detail for a movie, and he might create something brilliant (2001 or The Shining), but he still might create a pile of crap (Eyes Wide Shut). However, his brilliance to crap ratio was pretty good, so his system was probably worthwhile. (Another article on working with Kubrick.)

Weekend Updates


Every Saturday Night Live Weekend Update since Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon started. Unfortunately, as of March 31st, they are removing all the (Realplayer) video clips except for the current season. Still cool though. And all appearances by Horatio Sanz are hilarious.

The New Doctor (Who)


Christopher Eccleston will be the next Doctor when Doctor Who returns to the BBC next year. I've seen some of the things he's been in, but can't quite remember him. However, he at least looks like a good choice. Just quirky enough, and not too famous. I wonder what the chances are of the series ever broadcasting in Canada.

Rick Mercer parody commercial

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Nice parody (Real video) of those "respect copyright" commercials you have to watch every time you actually pay to see a movie. He even got the beard right!

Everday icons (and wallpaper)


Some really beautiful images at Everyday Icons. I think the icons are too pixelly for OSX, but the desktop images and "tablecloths" make very nice desktop pictures.

Spalding Gray 1941-2004

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gray.jpg Great creative monologuist Spalding Gray, who went missing in January, was found dead today in New York. He likely jumped off the Staten Island Ferry. He was supposed to have been skiing in Colorado, but his flight was delayed because of weather, so he went to see "Big Fish" instead. Makes you wonder if things might have turned out differently if the weather had been better, or if he'd gone to a different movie.

Gum Blondes

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A portrait of Sarah Michelle Gellar made of chewed gum stuck onto plywood. That's all the artist uses for his artwork - no paint, no glue. Just chewed gum and plywood. He lives in Ontario and has a team of chewers. He doesn't chew the gum himself unless he has to.

Jogless stripes


If you've ever knitted a striped toque with circular needles, you've encountered the "jogs": that place where you switch colours and the edges don't line up. Here are some tips for joglessness, the first tip being the useful one. (I'm posting this mostly for my own future reference.)

The Village

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M. Night Shyamalan's new movie, The Village, looks pretty good. Joaquin (the only good thing in Signs) is back for this one.

Neil Young gets interesting


Neil Young is certainly up to some interesting things. He's launched a DVD/CD/website/concert series called Greendale. Its got a kind of Rheostatics-ish story format. On the website, you can listen to all of the tracks in their entirety, or read the lyrics and the DVD script. (And it sounds pretty good.)

Firefly the movie


Joss Whedon will be directing a Firefly film, to be titled "Serenity". I would be more excited about this if I'd ever watched an episode of Firefly to the end. But in the absence of Buffy and Angel, I will give the movie a chance.

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