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Google has had a facelift. Among the changes: a cleaner front page (hard to do!), Froogle is now a front page tab, and the directory is not. Other features are now more obvious, thanks to the "more" link. Also, Google is beta-testing a new personalized search feature, which asks a lot of questions. Overall, I'd call the redesign a subtle improvement.

[March 31 Update: Is the Gmail feature for real? I can't tell.]


andrea said:

i'm pretty sure gmail is for real, i heard in on the news, or on the radio... somewhere. oh, was that metafilter where i heard it? yes, probably. anyway, i don't yet like the way google looks, but i'll get over it.

dan said:

Yeah. I posted that late on March 31, and there was a lot of speculation that Google was playing an April Fool's joke. Since then it's become clear that this is for real, and it looks pretty cool. I'm signed up for their announcement list, even though I don't really need another email address.

noo said:

It's Google... GOOOOOOGLE...
(quote from the most annoying researcher in the world)

andrea said:

so that's my first double post then?

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