HEY Folkies

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Check it out, Nanette is doing cartwheels in the living room. She wanted me to tell you, the Folk Fest site is up and running, and I guarantee a few surprises:
Winnipeg Folk Festival


andrea said:

wow, so that's why i always use to ask for tickets for my birthday. they really are way cheap now. thanks for the link, i will buy a weekend pass in may, which will cost less than the 2 day passes that i would buy at the last minute when i see you all go off, happy and excited, and i wish i was going with you...

dan said:

I made your link clickable, Beck.

noo said:

so, as beck was racing to type this in on my behalf she said, "I don't know how to make this link clickable, but I am sure that dan will come in and fix it later" and sure enough it has come to pass... So now she and I want to know how it is done, and I want to know how to post my own links so she doesn't have to do it for me next time.

dan said:

I should probably just show Noah, and he can do it for you. :)

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