noah is indigo?

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dan said:

According to their questions, I'm pretty sure every baby ever born has been an indigo child.

dan said:

My favourite question: "Is waiting in lines torture for your child?" Oh no, my child LOVES to wait in line. He just can't wait to get in line for something. Well actually he can stand it, because waiting is kind of like standing in line. He wishes the Bolsheviks were still around, so there would be some nice long lines to stand in. (Does sarcasm make you an Indigo child? I hope so.)

noo said:

c'mon! 80-90% of children are indigo!
it is obvious that noah is a crystal kid.
you've noticed his difficulty with electronic devices - always blowing out the circuits, because he can't integrate their energy... also, his intolerance of the lower emotions.

andrea said:

allright, allright, i think you're on to me. of course noah is crystal, but if i can convince you he is indigo, and sell you all of the indigo related items he will be needed to fulfill his highest, indigo-est potential - i get the indigo t-shirt and baseball cap.

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