Putting the "L" back in LP

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Tired of listening to songs that only last a few minutes or two? Jem Finer (formerly of the Pogues) has created a piece of music that will last 1000 years . The project is call Longplayer, and it's been playing now since some time in 2000. It starts with an original 20 minutes of music (played on Tibetan bowl bells), and then creates various "loops" from that original that are repeated and combined at different speeds and pitches for the next thousand years, and then it will repeat itself. It's all very mathematical. But if you've got a millennium to kill and you're looking for a tune to listen to...


dan said:

For those who don't have that much time to spare, there's a piece by John Cage called "As Slow as Possible" currently being performed and which will only last 639 years. (You're late! You've already missed the first year!) Or if you are really in a rush, there is 9 Beet Stretch, Beethoven's 9th Symphony stretched over 24 hours.

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