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Prisoner of Azbekan

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In honour of one who has escaped her basement prison and now runs free with the kitties!

Superhero day jobs


Photoshop contest depicting superheroes at their day jobs. (Note that there are a ton of pictures on the page, so it takes a while to load.)


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Mocoloco is a "modern contemporary" furniture blog that features cool things I can't afford everyday. Including the Winnipeg chair.

Rob Corddry on Iraq


This is one of the most brilliant pieces of analysis I've ever heard, from The Daily Show's Rob Corddry:
"There's no question what took place in that prison was horrible. But the Arab world has to realize the U.S. shouldn't be judged on the actions of a-- ... well, we shouldn't be judged on actions. It's our principles that matter. Our inspiring, abstract notions. Remember, just because torturing prisoners is something we did, doesn't mean it's something we would do."

Mumble Bumble

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Does anyone else notice a kind of underlying ur-nationalism operating in Mumble Bumble, a Denmark/Quebec co-pro that comes on between Nanalan and Zoboomafoo? Last week Greens the frog decided he didn't want to read books anymore because none of the books were about the place where he lived (ie. the Windmill), so Mumble Bumble and Chicko made a special book just about the three of themselves. Yesterday they had to build a fun-park because Greens was tempted to move away to the city because of a great fun-park he read about in a magazine. You're a frog, a chicken, and a hippopotamus! You're going to have to broaden your horizons sometime if you want to survive. I mean, sure, if we saw evidence that the Windmill environs was a distinct society under threat from cultural colonization and globalization then this sort of "rah rah Windmill" isolationism might be justified, but as it is it just seems a tad parochial. Don't you think? ... Anyone? ... Anyone? ...... God, I've got to get out of the house.


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Mukluk has reverted to a more wintery theme today for some reason. (Hopefully not for too long!)

who needs transformation when you can have abundance?! this board looks amazing. the game is not for sale (yet?! i hope!) but i neeeeed it for my new game room. and i want to go to the gratitude cafe!


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Alissa Wilts, a friend of mine, has a new CD out called Propinquity, and is having a CD release party this weekend. This is cool because:

  1. It sounds great, if the online samples are any indication.
  2. She recorded and produced the CD entirely on her home computer.
  3. She is using the funds raised from CD sales to attend the Slayage conference in Nashville.

thanks to my buddies taurra and jason who started a website about winnipeg restaurant menus. yummy! and directions so we can find restaurants! taurra tells me it was inspired by affinity, and her loosing her affinity take-out menu, like we've all done so many times...

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