move over, transformation game!

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who needs transformation when you can have abundance?! this board looks amazing. the game is not for sale (yet?! i hope!) but i neeeeed it for my new game room. and i want to go to the gratitude cafe!


scott said:

Hmm. Unfortunately, this was the first thing that "abounding river" brought to mind.

noo said:

can I have bowl full of I AM WARM soup, followed by an I AM LUSCIOUS and an I AM RICH, and as for desert...I AM FULL

scott said:

The board looks pretty cool. Any idea how the game works?

andrea said:

no idea how it works. but it seems to be complicated enough that you need to attend a workshop in order to be able to play it. i love it. noo, please pass the I AM LUSCIOUS.

andrea said:

AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! ok, now sark is having a dinner at the abundance cafe, with live organic lasagna, and signing her new book and it only costs $15.
oh why oh why couldn't i be an american?

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