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Does anyone else notice a kind of underlying ur-nationalism operating in Mumble Bumble, a Denmark/Quebec co-pro that comes on between Nanalan and Zoboomafoo? Last week Greens the frog decided he didn't want to read books anymore because none of the books were about the place where he lived (ie. the Windmill), so Mumble Bumble and Chicko made a special book just about the three of themselves. Yesterday they had to build a fun-park because Greens was tempted to move away to the city because of a great fun-park he read about in a magazine. You're a frog, a chicken, and a hippopotamus! You're going to have to broaden your horizons sometime if you want to survive. I mean, sure, if we saw evidence that the Windmill environs was a distinct society under threat from cultural colonization and globalization then this sort of "rah rah Windmill" isolationism might be justified, but as it is it just seems a tad parochial. Don't you think? ... Anyone? ... Anyone? ...... God, I've got to get out of the house.


dan said:

Yes. Yes you must. How hard would it be to train the dog in childrearing?

scott said:

It can't be that much harder than sheep-herding, right? I mean, all she has to do is steer him away from knives and nudge him towards the potty every once in awhile... And once he learns to open doors you've got yourself a symbiotic relationship there!

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