Prisoner of Azbekan

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In honour of one who has escaped her basement prison and now runs free with the kitties!


dan said:

Heh heh!

noo said:

does that make us dementors?

andrea said:

that makes me dumbledore!

beck said:

Hey, you guys get to decide who you are. But me, I just get told. Humph. Isn't that just typical!

dan said:

Oo! Oo! I get to be Dobby! Oh wait, do I have to be from Prisoner of Azkeban?

noo said:

az-bek-an - I just got it...

scott said:

If you compare the original Sirius to the original Beckius you'll have to agree that Beckius clearly uses better hair product.

dan said:

Oh, Azbekan! You got it before me.

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