Canada election results

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Interesting to note what proportional representation would do for this election:

partyactual seats%% as seats


scott said:

I think it's odd that the media don't seem to be doing much with the fact that the Green Party got an MP. That's huge! When was the last time one of those "other" parties got elected? (Not counting made-up parties like the Alliance.)

dan said:

That "Other" candidate wasn't a Green, he's a non-affiliated Conservative.

scott said:

Oh. The Winnipeg Sun misinformed me. What are the chances!

noo said:

admitting to reading the winnipeg sun is one thing, but the disappointment that the "other" is a free-radical conservative is something else. This along with the dawning realization that proportional representation breaks down when you look at the "other" category, and emerging or fringe parties and the place of independents. While most of that 5.6% likely belongs to the Greens this year, in other years, it has been alot of disgruntled individuals running for a seat, rather than a national movement. Obviously I need a crash course on proportional representation. (And the Peter's Projection while I am at it...)

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