I totally went shopping today

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I'm going to get a little LiveJournalish this entry, so watch out. Today I bought 3 DVDs because they're excellent movies, and they were incredibly cheap -- under $10 each, and I don't mean $9.99. The movies: Running on Empty, The Mosquito Coast, and Ghost World. The first 2 of course have River Phoenix in common, but I forgot they also have Martha Plimpton!

Ghost World and Running on Empty have no cast in common, but GW and The Mosquito Coast share 3 crew persons in the sound department. Eerie! Chill running down spine! (Also, coast rhymes with ghost.)

I'm pretty sure the staff at A&B are told to say any movie you buy is a great movie, because they've said it the last 3 times I was there. Or I just have amazing taste.

Oh, one more thing: The New York Times has compiled their list of the 1000 greatest movies of all time, which I intend to read through and post the number of which I have seen. Because anyone who has read through this dumb post would probably like to know something like that. (Ghost World is on the list, so that's one down.)

Update: 233/1000 that I'm sure of. I've got some work to do. Except some of the movies on that list are crap. (That's right, I'm talking about you, Chicken Run.)


beck said:

I also intend to do a list check, but I have to omit most things released in the past few years, as I was out of the pictures... hee hee pun fun.
Man that was a long post Dan!

andrea said:

congrats dan, on the dumbest mukluk post ever. really.

dan said:

I'm sending the mosquito ghost after you, Missy!

scott said:

I'm looking through the 1000 top films. Has anyone seen more than 3 in a row as they're listed alphabetically? I'm only at the H's, and I've had a few runs of 3 but no more than that yet.

scott said:

Nope. Got through the whole list, and never more than three in a row that I'd seen. Or at least could remember seeing.

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