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Yub freaking nub!

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Yeah, yeah. The next Star Wars movie is going to be called Revenge of the Sith, but the truly exciting news is that the Ewoks and Droids cartoons and the Ewoks live-action movies are coming out on DVD. Battle for Endor was the film that showed us that people could turn into birds (which must require a shitload of midichlorians) and it stars Wilford Brimley, so yes, it's good.

L'Alpe d'Huez

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This is the little hill
that the Tour de France riders had to climb today. Just a 1 km difference in elevation over 15 km. I wonder how many times bigger than Garbage Hill that is. (Lance put in the best time, of course.) (via TDF blog)

Google 1960

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An important piece of search engine history has been found.

Return of the rainbow Apple

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Someone hacked his Powerbook to bring colour back to the Apple. I didn't think I missed the old logo until I saw this. It looks pretty nice.

Population height = well-being?

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An interesting article from the New Yorker looks at recent studies of the height of populations. It turns out that average height seems to be a good indicator of general well-being in a country, and a more even distribution of wealth makes for a taller country. (I'd like to see some data on Canadian height, but haven't found any yet.)

It's my Dream come True.

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The best perfumerie on the web. BneverTooBusyToBeBeautiful “This new shop is a heady mixture of pretty boudoir and Aladdin’s cave. It may be the sister company of soap peddlers Lush but this more glamorous venture is anything but bold and brash. Lip glosses are chocolate-scented, topped with gold leaf and encased in tiny bejewelled jars. ...the fragrances each have a story behind them.”

Handmade iBook sleeves

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"foofbags" (I told Beck there was money to be made in this. Well, actually that remains to be seen.)

Or you could go another way.

Fahrenheit 9/11 roundup


Lego Spidey

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Very cool Spiderman animation in Lego (Quicktime). Looks like a promo for new Lego playsets. Doc Ock's arms are neato keen.

Thanks to Dr. Unheimlich's Disease Registry we now know what's been plaguing Nanette all this time. She has Nanette's Disorder. Please give generously. We may find a cure within our lifetimes.

Seinfeld and Superman


A couple of amusing five-minute ads for American Express featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Superman. (It asks for your email address, but you can click "no thanks" and still watch the movies.)

Ad Slogan Generator


For those days when you're feeling just a litte less than saturated by the media. Randomly create your own advertisement for whatever you want.

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