Fahrenheit 9/11 roundup


The salient points of Fahrenheit 9/11, in my opinon:

  • The Bin Laden family appears to have invested in a company owned by George W. when he was starting out.
  • Before 9/11 George W. treated the presidency like one big vacation.
  • George W. considers the ultra wealthy to be his most important constituents.
  • The US military is insane.
  • Wetting your comb by putting it in your mouth is disgusting.

Problems I had with the movie:

  • Whether it was Moore's intention or not, the movie protrays all non-Iraqi Arabs as bad guys.
  • Moore puts words in Bush's mouth, or rather thoughts in his head, when Bush's own words are damning enough.

However one might feel about Michael Moore, I can't imagine how a person could vote for Bush after seeing this movie. Unless they are in the oil business or a defense contractor.

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