Finally we've discovered the problem with Nanette

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Thanks to Dr. Unheimlich's Disease Registry we now know what's been plaguing Nanette all this time. She has Nanette's Disorder. Please give generously. We may find a cure within our lifetimes.


beck said:

thought Flutter-bee would appreciate it.

Bad luck! You are suffering from
Rebecca's Disease.

Cause: improperly prepared civet cats

Symptoms: vomiting, delusions, long hair, vomiting

Cure: click heels together three times

dan said:

I don't trust it. Mine said something about paranoia.

scott said:

Hmm. Do you think that someone's gone through all the trouble of designing a diagnostic website simply to make you think that you might be paranoid?

noo said:

so I've drunk the bleach. Now what?

andrea said:

wow beck, you really want your own cat-free home, don't you? here's mine, which was actually my second time around and STILL makes no sense whatsoever:
I thought as much. You are suffering from
Cause: sexually transmitted
Symptoms: humming, excessive rapid heart beat, walking like an Egyptian
Cure: exercise

nan, is the bleach helping make your skin less white?

scott said:

I would have thought walking like an Egyptian WAS exercise.

andrea said:

also, i'm pretty sure my excessive rapid heart beat is caused by the walking like an egyptian.

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