It's my Dream come True.

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The best perfumerie on the web. BneverTooBusyToBeBeautiful “This new shop is a heady mixture of pretty boudoir and Aladdin’s cave. It may be the sister company of soap peddlers Lush but this more glamorous venture is anything but bold and brash. Lip glosses are chocolate-scented, topped with gold leaf and encased in tiny bejewelled jars. ...the fragrances each have a story behind them.”


andrea said:

If you like Lush.... this is an interesting thread on the Lush UK forum:
Mark Constantine, my hero, AKA Big - the owner/founder/master perfumer of Lush is answering people's questions. This is, like, totally the best thing I've ever read.

(You do have to sign up to be able to read it, sorry)

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