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Distributed Proofreaders


Help bring public domain literature into the digital world by joining the Distributed Proofreaders (a sub-project of Project Gutenberg). As a proofreader, you compare scans of pages and the corresponding text to fix the errors made by the OCR software. Not exactly thrilling work, but perhaps a more productive hobby than Weboggle. The DPs have just completed work on their 5000th book. And I've contributed 4 pages.

Greedo v. Solo

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Finally, a court decision on who really shot first in the Cantina.

Web Hangman

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It's just Hangman, but for some reaon it's fun. Has some crazy background music, good word lists, and you can make up your own word lists for your friends. (I must disclose that I was in an extracurricular hangman club in university.)

Join Team Zissou!

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Watch the trailer for The Life Aquatic (with Steve Zissou), the next Wes Anderson movie. Then put on your red cap and a speedo!


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Weboggle is multiplayer boggle without frills, but plenty of thrills.

How not to buy happiness


MIT has a very interesting article on happiness and wealth and why the two are not directly related. The full PDF is very long, and I haven't read it yet, but the excerpt on the web page suggests it would be worth reading.



Here is a very cool flash animation of a Radiohead song, Creep.

Ghibli mania!

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A replica of the Kusakabe house from My Neighbour Totoro is being built for an expo in Japan next year. Rather than some fancy plastic thing with a rollercoaster, it will be built as true to life as possible to recreate the 1950s rural Japanese style. If you're looking for the plastic Ghibli, visit the Ghibli museum. (OK, it's cool too. Check out the acorn DVD player!)

The producers of Joe Schmo 2 have a Joe Schmo blog . Read the entry called "The Lost Scene" to see how they originally planned to announce that Ingrid's grandfather had died.

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