Less of a twist and more just really bad news

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The producers of Joe Schmo 2 have a Joe Schmo blog . Read the entry called "The Lost Scene" to see how they originally planned to announce that Ingrid's grandfather had died.


noo said:

wow, that was alot of work for a scene that didn't make it.
it's an interesting ethical line - lie to the players, but don't hurt them - but never lie to the audience...

dan said:

This is pretty cool. The thing that makes Joe Schmo interesting is trying to figure out what is really going on, and this gives some insight. Unless they're making this stuff up also. Funny that they still have Ingrid in their title graphic though.

scott said:

Nothing in the blog, however, suggests that they planned for Ingrid to figure everything out when they chose her. They obbviously do some kind of psychological testing on their candidates, so they must have known she'd ask questions and see through the facade. I mean, she's an international aid consultant, for goodness sake! (OK, yes, she was a Budweiser girl too. But then she went on to be a manager in the marketing department or something.)

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