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Now What Do We Do?

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dustmite.jpg The website of Steven Burns - host of "Blue's Clues" and occassional Scott look-a-like. He's now an indie musician and songwriter. (And not too bad, from the little I heard.) The website is fun and kind of surreal.

Buy Nothing Christmas

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TreePoster-sm.gif Only 92 days until Buy Nothing Christmas!

Google local


Google's local search feature now works in Canada. What does that mean? You can now limit your searches to businesses in Winnipeg (or where ever you are). For instance, where can I get a veggie burger in Winnipeg? Well, there's actually just one good answer (maybe two) in those results, but it is still in beta.

One-pot cooking


One-pot cooking is good for the environment, because you use less energy. An added bonus is that there are fewer dishes to wash. Guess why I've been converted.

Trailers for everyday life

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New iMac

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Apple has a new iMac. The introductory video features the Black-Eyed Peas... not just their music, but them, talking about, you know, all the dope new features on the iMac y'all y'all. What's our opinion are you still a shill if you're shilling for Apple?

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