Buy Nothing Christmas

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TreePoster-sm.gif Only 92 days until Buy Nothing Christmas!


dan said:

Where do we buy tickets? Or do we?

scott said:

I think you don't. I think there'll be a silver collection kind of thing. The afternoon of October 30th (the date of the "world premiere") will be a Buy Nothing Christmas craft workshop, where people can get together and make Christmas gifts. I think Aiden's hope is that there won't be anything you have to buy that day.

beck said:

What will the money in the hat go to? Do you have a "cause"?
ps - thanks for ripping my closet out! Andrea and I sawed the rest off long into the night. Good thing we don't have tenants anymore.
sorry, off topic.
Nice poster!

scott said:

The money in the hat will go to paying for their craft supplies, the cost of putting on the play, and paying me. (Or, to be more accurate, to paying back the United Church of Canada for paying me. They borrowed money from the Conference to pay me and are hoping to make it up in fundraising.)
Congratulations of a successful battle with the well-made closet.

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