Trailers for everyday life

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scott said:

In a world without heroes.
In a time without faith.
Against all odds.
One young boy will dare to believe.
That today.
Dinosaurs will be on "Zoboomafoo."

noo said:

well, it did happen once...

scott said:

I think technically "well, it did happen once" is more of a tag-line.

dan said:

In a time of great conflict.
Dark forces will gather.
A reception desk in turmoil.
Who will get to take their lunch break at 12:00.

noonooo said:

When one woman decides to take a chance.
Against all odds.
When she reaches out.
In the eye of the hurricane.
R.E.M. tickets sell out.
In five minues.

scott said:

Gone in 120 Seconds!
Shoulda been faster.
Shoulda been furiouser.

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