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iPod Photo: colour screen, plays slideshows with music, TV output.
U2 iPod: black with red scroll wheel, $50 off $150 complete U2 digital box set. (U2 box set not available in Canada so far...)
iTunes store: coming to Canada in November!

(iPod Photo won't play video. Why not? Good question.) (White earbuds on the U2 iPod? They should have been red.)


noo said:

I was beginning to doubt...
forgive me.

Also, as you all expected, I am irrationally drawn to the U2Pod.
I feel we must have it. It says Bono on the back.

noo said:

Oh, and though I agree that red earbuds would have been schnazzy, I understand why they had to be white.
It is the whole ipod image.

dan said:

OK, the U2 iPod is already old news. Everyone is talking about the Ashlee Simpson iPod.

noo said:

Ashley Simpson has 4 songs?!!

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