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mukluk relaced

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Mukluk has been given the usual winter makeover, but I've also made some changes to the back-end to make things a little more difficult for comment spammers, based on some good advice. We'll see if this actually reduces the spam. The only difference for non-robots: you now must preview before posting a comment. [Hit your refresh or reload button if this page doesn't look wintery.]

To been born do not buy them null

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I found a article about the Christmas Karl musical and the Buy Nothing Christmas movement on an italian website, Voce Evangelica. Google translation creates some pretty wild poetry. Somehow NATO gets involved in the whole thing.... 05 Decembers 2004 - (ve/christiancentury) In Canada are risen a movement of Christians called "buy nothing Christmas" (To Been born do not buy them null) in order de-to commercialize the festivity of the NATO them and "to create a style of life richer than sense, plus moderated from the point of view of the impact it acclimatizes them, and more generous in donating". The movement is author of a musical comedy, a work defined "antishopping" from the title it To Christmas Karl. Draft of the history of a taken adolescent to with one the mother obsessed from the cult of the purchases. The founder of the movement has been defined taccagno and miser, but the scope of the movement is that one to help the persons to pass a free NATO them from the anxiety of the shopping. An idea that is taking root also in Europe.

Fresh Option Organic Delivery

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Fresh Option delivers organic fruits and vegetables anywhere in Winnipeg, weekly or every second week. As much as possible, they use locally grown produce (not always possible in December). The prices seem pretty reasonable. I saw a freshly delivered box of veggies this evening and it looked pretty good. Their website allows you to preview what you will be getting next. I am very tempted, but a little worried it might be a bit heavy on the potatoes in the winter for my taste. (I need to work on my perogy-making robot!) I think I will give it a try after Christmas. (Not the robot, the veggie delivery!)

This Godless Communism

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Here's a fun little comic from 1961, about the evils of Communism.
It starts with an imaginary tale about the USSA, America taken over by Commies, then proceeds with a fairly detailed (and somewhat imaginary) history of Communism in Russia. The art is varies in quality quite a bit.
kruschev1.jpg kruschev2.jpg
As if the comic wasn't strange enough, there's a Catholic bias to add to the weirdness.
Dad: "And it says all the Catholic priests and sisters are being sent to a labor camp! Those who resist will be killed!"
Mom: "They're doing the same thing with most of the Jewish and Protestant ministers!"

Am I out of touch?

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Looking at the National Board of Review's top 10 film lists, it appears that I have seen an average of 7 out of 10 of their favourite films for each year, at least dating back to 1989. However, this year I have seen 0 out of 10. 2003 was also below average, but there are a couple I'll probably rent one of these days. I've seen just as many flms this year as ever, maybe even more than usual, but I have little to no desire to see any of this year's top 10. What's up with that?

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It's here

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