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Mukluk has been given the usual winter makeover, but I've also made some changes to the back-end to make things a little more difficult for comment spammers, based on some good advice. We'll see if this actually reduces the spam. The only difference for non-robots: you now must preview before posting a comment. [Hit your refresh or reload button if this page doesn't look wintery.]


noo said:

thanks dan
it is this kind of responsiveness in a web ... wait, what should I call you? ..anyway, way to cut them off at the pass.

noo again said:

Hey, after I posted a comment, the changes you made actually showed up. Before that it looked like it always had. Weird. It's like our computer is so bored with bringing up Mukluk, that it doesn't even check anymore... Hey, it looks cool.

dan said:

Sometimes your cache will hold on to the old style sheet that defines the look of the site, and won't get updated until you refresh the page. I've added a note to the post to explain that.

beck said:

This is nice wintery. I like it better than the Google site. I like it better than anything. Ex-specially that the faint dotted lines between comments remind me of penmanship books in grade school to make properly sized letters and stuff.

Woohoo, tomorrow is Christmas eve!

andrea said:

i like the dotted lines too. niiiiiice.

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